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Come and be yourself and meet with such a wide variety of animals as you will not encounter so close anywhere in Ukraine!

Our park provides a place of rest and leisure activity with a direct way to experience and communicate with the animal kingdom. In an atmosphere of relaxed fun, we bring you closer to the wild natural world so that you will be paces away from its magnificent creatures in all their beauty and wild splendour.

“XII Months” zoo is the first and only modern Ukrainian village of happy animals, where you are the guests to visit them. And you will be treated during your stay as our dearest guests on each visit to us.

The zoo is located on 16 hectares and operates 365 days a year. You will be able to get acquainted with more than 100 species of animals much closer than usual. And some of our animals are extremely rare.

Each of them lives in their own “comfortable apartment” with an individually and carefully planned layout. All the animals’ buildings are designed and equipped using the best examples of European zoos. The interior is also individually designed and is as close as possible to the real-life habitat of each animal. And the fauna is carefully chosen from different parts of the world.

Something of what waits for you

At the entrance you will be welcomed by the owls and can proceed to the wolf's alley where you can see grey common wolves and white arctic wolves as well as both red and black ones.


On the “Island of Cats” you will visit a family of white lions with its master, a real philosopher named Ludwig.  And, just a short distance from there, are the apartments of other wild and predatory animals: with cheetahs, leopards, Bengal white tigers, caracallas, pumas, lynxes, hyenas and African hunting dogs.

Moving on you will come to a wild whirlwind of cheerful chattering inhabitants on the “Islands of Apes”. Their lodgings are decorated with a web of ropes. In these “houses” you will also notice some rare animals such as the colobus; the maras (also known as the Patagonian rabbit); a couple of kinkajou, and a family of capuchins. See if you can find them all. And then, you may get acquainted with the only family of aardvarks in Ukraine.

You will certainly get to meet the very polite camel named Liosha, and should look out for a friendly pair of giraffes Mykola Stepanovych and Marie with their son Vito. But don’t forget to feed the benevolent rhino Archy and watch the striped zebras trotting to and fro.



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